In a country ravaged by poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS, a country where most people can barely find enough to eat, a country where medicine is a luxury and where mothers frequently die in childbirth and where children die of malaria and ordinary childhood diseases, we were called to carry out God's ministry.  Since our first meeting with local United Methodist leadership, teams have traveled to Nakuru to offer medical and dental services, a children's ministry program, and to assist in the construction of a boarding school for the street children and orphans.  The focus of these missions is to create authentic relationships with the local people being served, while providing resources to equip and empower them to break the cycle of extreme poverty and bring about positive change in their lives

Today we support and assist the United Methodist Church in Nakuru with the operation of three sites:  A seven day/24 hour health clinic, a day school for pre-school children in the slum area, and a day/boarding school  for all age groups.  Additionally, we support the Mercy Pre-school.

To this you were called....that you shall follow in His steps.  
1 Peter 2:21

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200+ students at the Betty Mavity Roberts United Methodist Mission School urgently need a sponsor.

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Our Mission

To mobilize individuals and churches to work together to make a difference in the lives of our Kenyan sisters and brothers.
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